Fabric Structure System High-Rise Platform

  • Place your existing engineered tent structure on a platform and instantly have a double decker
  • No need to buy a new tent
  • Expandable widths from 5M to 30M in 2.5M increments
  • Expandable length in 5M increments
  • Use any standard 2’X4’, 4’X4’, or 4’X8’ flooring system
  • Floor configuration can be customized
  • No cabling required for support
  • Can be customized with a drop deck for stadium style seating
High Rise Platform | Fabric Structure Systems

Fabric Structure Systems High-Rise Stairs

  • All aluminum construction for light weight ease of installation
  • 5’ wide stair with 6”Rise and 12” Run treads
  • Mid landing 5’ x 5’
  • Top landing 6’ Wide X 7’ Long
  • Code compliant
  • All landings are universal so the stairs can attach to any side
High Rise Stairs | Fabric Structure Systems