H-Series STRFH 202 Upright, 3M Leg

H-Series STRFH 202 Upright, 3M Leg. Assembly includes everything shown in the table below in the product description.

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H-Series STRFH 202 Upright, 3M Leg.

Item No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
200208 & 00209Leg Head Assembly1
300326Upright Foot Insert1
400331Inside Wall Bar Bracket1
500330Outside Wall Bar Bracket1
600230Corner Brace Connection Top Plate1
700227Corner Brace Connection Bottom Plate1
8H-Bolt 0.5000-13x1.5x1.25-N6
9Narrow FW 0.752
10H-Nut 0.7500-10x6x1.75-N1
11H-Bolt 0.7500-10x6x1.75-N1
12H-Bolt 0.7500-13x1x1-N15


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