L-Series FL200 Gable Upright 2 – 4M

L-Series FL200 Gable Upright 2 – 4M. Assembly includes everything shown in the table below in the product description.

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L-Series FL200 Gable Upright 2 – 4M.

Item No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
1FL4345 (Bottom Insert of Gable Upright)Bottom Insert Gable Upright1
FL4345.1 (Bottom Insert Part 1)3/16" A572 Plate1
FL4345.2 (Bottom Insert Part 2)3/8" A572 Plate1
FL4345.3 (Bottom Insert Part 3)1 1/2" - 5/16" Wall DOM, A5001
FL4345.4 (Bottom Insert Part 4)3/16" A572 Plate1
2FL4541.1 (Gable Upright Tube 2 - 4M)Gable Upright Tube 2 (4M)1
3FL4340 (Top Insert of Gable Upright)Top Insert of Gable Upright1
FL4340.1 (Top Insert Part 1)3/16" A572 Plate2
FL4340.2 (Top Insert Part 2)3/4" SCH40 Pipe2
FL4340.3 (Top Insert Part 3)1/2" A572 Plate1
4FL4506 (FL200 Rafter Purlin Hanger)1/4" A572 Plate3
5Preferred Narrow FW 0.758
6HNut 0.7500-10-D-N4
7HBolt 0.7500-10x6x1.75-N4
8HBolt 0.3125-18x5.5x0.875-N2
9HNut 0.3125-18-D-N2


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